Book Exhibition

Book Exhibition

Unique book exhibition Book Me focuses every year on theatre, film and music.

At the Book Me 2016 were exhibited and sold current book production in the field of theatre from years 2013-2016.

Czech and foreign publishers were in one place during student festival Zlomvaz at the DISK Theatre (Karlova 26, Praha).

This year we are pleased to cooperate with students of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU). We are very thankful for longterm cooperation with Kuba Libri.

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Our goal is to create an international platform based in Central Europe that will provide readers with high–quality books in the fields of performing arts. Each year we prepare an exhibition centred at one of these fields. In 2013 we had firstly decided to organize Book Me exhibition. First exhibition Book Me was dedicated to theatre publications. Next year it covered history of dance and music, theoretical reflections and also discussions about practices. Last year at Book Me we were proudly presenting 33 international publishers and their masterpieces about film.